The Importance of Game Night

In my family, game night plays a huge role in our lives. It will take place whether we have company over, family visiting, or as a way to spend some quality time with one another. I can remember games being a part of my life from a very young age. We would play Candy Land or Go Fish or War often.

Even now, when I am with my parents, I often ask if they would like to play a game. They very rarely say no. Some of our favorite games to play are Yahtzee, Kings Corner, Spades, Tenzi, and Phase 10.

When we have bigger groups of company over, we will bring out Catchphrase, Speak Out, Apples to Apples (or the much naughtier Cards Against Humanity), or play a big game of Yahtzee (this is probably my favorite game).

As a ridiculously competitive person, I almost always end up screaming while playing intense games like Catchphrase. Nearly every time we play, we end up laughing to the point of crying.

Over the years, I have learned how important these games are. They have taught me how to win and how to lose (I’m still working on this!), but they have also allowed me to get closer to ever person I’ve ever played with. Games have given me amazing, fun experiences with my parents that I may not have otherwise received. They force us to set down electronics and spend time with one another while building teamwork and strengthening our bond.

We have taught games to several people that have entered our home, and they look forward to playing games with us every time they return. I can only assume that they enjoy the quality time in a family setting.

I am certain that this tradition will continue when my family begins because I feel that it is a very important thing to keep around, especially in today’s age where we are all constantly focused on electronic devices!

How about you dear readers? Does your family enforce a game night ritual? Or do you have another way that you ensure quality family time? Let me know in the comments below!


19 thoughts on “The Importance of Game Night

  1. Unbound Roots says:

    Game nights have been a staple in my family too! We love Canasta, Crazy Train dominoes, Phase 10, and many others. My young children have enjoyed game nights too. I agree, more people should set down electronics, turn off the TV, and gather with family and friends to enjoy a game. ☺️

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