Oops I Did it Again…

Yes, I did it again! Once again, I lost my blogging ways by getting caught up with life and college and what not. I am here, I am back, and I can’t promise I will never leave again…

If you are still sticking with me, I absolutely ADORE you! Also, I have created a new blog. You can find it here. More than likely, I will be posting on there more than I post here, but that is still up in the air! I will do my best to post to both on a regular basis. I’m hoping the new blog will get my creative juices flowing once more to where I am able to reconnect with writing once more.

Life has been hectic. School is amazing, but also extremely exhausting. On the plus side, I’m almost done with the semester! Soon enough I will have a lot more time to devote to blogging. However, I just ask that you check out the new site every now and again as I get more posts up.

Thank you to all my followers!

Love you all!


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