Update 2: My Great American Roadtrip!

I’ve officially made it to Florida! I cannot believe it! I spent the majority of the day with my parents moving all of my stuff into my new (little) apartment. I have got to say, I LUCKED OUT! I have the most AMAZING view of the intracoastal waterway right outside my kitchen/living/office space (pics will come in the next post)! It’s awesome! I meet my new roommate on Friday and I meet some of the other transfer students tomorrow. It’s been a crazy day/week/month.

We did Memphis/Graceland. It was beautiful. After not being an Elvis fan, I definitely respect him and enjoy his music a lot more than I thought I ever would. We also did a “behind-the-scenes” Georgia aquarium tour. The beluga whales and penguins were awesome. We also went to the Unclaimed baggage center in Scottsboro, AL. If you have never been, I would say go. It’s really cool, and fairly cheap(ish). However, it is mostly clothes, so don’t be too disappointed if you go looking for electronics and don’t find many. After that, we went to quite a few lighthouses and had a couple of beach days before making our way to Florida.

Unfortunately, I don’t have much more to say today. I am kind of just writing to write. I still have yet to decide on which new blog name to decide on…if you would like to chime in, check out the name options here. That’s it followers, I will write again soon.


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