A Little Insight Into the OTHER Side

I am tired of the hatred that everyone is expressing, on both sides of the Supreme Court ruling issue. I am a Christian. I do not support homosexuality. I do not support gay marriage. However, that does not mean that I hate people who are gay or that I would treat them any differently if I saw them in public. I would treat them with kindness. But just because I do not support homosexuality, I am automatically labeled as a terrible person, a hater, a homophobe, etc. It is NOT fair. Why is it that your opinion is only accepted IF you are in support of gay marriage?

You say “love is love” and “love wins” but what about an adult man (or woman) who is in love with a child? Would that be accepted? I don’t think so. What about a person that is in love with an animal? Would that be accepted? What about a father (or mother) that is in love with their daughter (or son)? Would that be accepted? I don’t think so. Where does it stop? Where do we draw the limit?

I don’t hate people that are gay. I don’t hate anyone. I love everyone, regardless of what they believe or who they love. However, that does not mean that I have to support them. As an American, I have that right. I have the right to say what I believe. I have the right to defend my beliefs. I believe that homosexuality is a sin. However, if I saw a gay person, would I feed them? Of course. If I saw a gay person being bullied, would I try to stop it? Absolutely. I would never treat them different than I would a heterosexual person. But treating someone the same and supporting their decisions are two completely different things.

To WordPress: I am very upset by the rainbow across my screen whenever I log in. I DO NOT want to see it. You, too, need to understand that not everyone is in support of this issue. I am one that is not. I want to know how to take it off immediately. If any of my followers know how or know who I can contact to take care of this, please comment and let me know.

I will not judge any of you that believe different than I, nor will I be offended by your opinions. I hope that you will give me the same respect.


2 thoughts on “A Little Insight Into the OTHER Side

  1. Some dude says:

    Just because a bigoted view is religious in nature does not make that view any less bigoted. Religious views do not get a free pass from social consequences. So if you believe gay people are sinners, and therefore, less than you in some way, then yes–you are a terrible person.


    • I appreciate your insight. However, I did not ever once say that I am not a sinner. I am absolutely a sinner, just as everyone else in the world is a sinner. Therefore, I do not believe that a person who is gay is any less than myself. I only said that I do not agree with their lifestyle. However, like I said, I would give them the same respect I would give any other person. I would not publicly shame them for being gay because as a Christian, I am taught to love everyone.

      Just because my opinions stem from a religious base does not mean that I feel like I have a free pass. I knew that people would disagree with me. But because I live in the United States of America, I am blessed enough to have freedom of speech, which allows me to state my opinion.

      I am the first to admit that I am a sinner. I sin every day. I would never say that I am any better than another person, gay or straight or anything in between. All I am saying is that I don’t agree with their lifestyle choices. I’m in no place to judge because God is the only one who can judge. I am only allowed to state my opinion, which is what I have done. If you don’t agree with it, that is absolutely okay!

      Thank you for this insight, and I hope my response has given you a clearer understanding of my viewpoint.


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