Excuse Me While I Have the Worst Day Ever…

Okay, so maybe it’s not the worst day of my life, but it IS the worst day I have ever had at my job. I have been working summer camps still this week, and it has been THE WORST camp I have ever worked (and this is my 4th summer at my job). The instructor cannot keep the kids under control. There are 43 kids in this camp and 3 instructors including myself. The kids are out of control 75% of the time and I can only do so much. I have had to truly yell at a group of kids for the first time in the 4 years I’ve worked there because the instructor was unable to keep the kids under control. Yes, I’m a very unhappy camper today. But hey, at least it game me something to blog about, right?! I’m not going to get too into details as it’s not my place. However, I will say that I think that tomorrow has to be better…there is no way it could possibly get worse! I’m very hopeful that the kids are on better behavior tomorrow and I do not have to yell at them again.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my job, I really do. I am extremely blessed to have it. I work with amazing, brilliant, wonderful people. They may not always do things the way I would or in a way I agree with, and sometimes they get thrown into things they are not prepared for, but I still think that they are all at least alright (in their own way).


5 thoughts on “Excuse Me While I Have the Worst Day Ever…

  1. Have so much respect for camp workers like yourself It is not an easy job. Some campers do not want to be there, while others have energy levels that go through the roof. And sometimes the staffing as you mentioned could use some improvement.

    Hang in there my friend, it is still early in the season. You are a seasoned veteran. The kids will need your stability, and even some rookie staff members might need your expertise.

    Thank you for sharing from your heart. It is good to vent. Tomorrow WILL be a better day.

    Do take care,

    ~Carl~ 🙂


    • I can only imagine the wonderful stories you must have from your Sunday school kids! 🙂 I sure have a TON of great stories from all of the summer camps, field trips, birthday parties, and after school clubs I have done!


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