Campfires, S’mores, and Contemplations

I’m sitting here in the lodge around an indoor campfire as the students are roasting marshmallows and making s’mores. For the past week and a half (and for the next week and a half) I’ve been up on the mountain TA-ing for a summer biology course.  It’s been wonderful. We have six great students who have been working their butts off to do their absolute best in the course. Oh, and did I mention I get paid? Well, I do…and that’s pretty cool too. Oh, and I also get free housing AND free meals. Pretty good deal if I do say so myself!

Watching them do their school work and brushing up on my biology knowledge has definitely made me start thinking about what is to come with my next step in life going to PBA. Unfortunately, I found out tonight that I did not get the housing that I wanted (I actually got one that was lower on my list). I plan on calling tomorrow to see if it would be possible to switch. It is a housing arrangement that is more expensive than I was originally planning on AND it has a full kitchen so I may have to change my meal plan if I can’t get switched. It is quite stressful, but I am praying that everything turns out in the way it is supposed to! That’s all I can do at this point anyways!

My town was hit was some very sad news as a young girl committed suicide recently. It’s hard to think that at such a young age she was dealing with pain so strong that ending it seemed like the only way she could get peace. My heart truly goes out to all friends and family affected, especially the parents. You should never have to outlive your child.

To all of my readers, I want to tell you that no matter what you are dealing with now, or what you will be dealing with in the future, you will always have someone who would love to talk you through it! No one wants you to leave this world, no matter how it may feel!

I believe I hear a s’more calling my name at this time. So for tonight, I bid you adieu!


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