Wintertime Blues

When you live in Wyoming, there isn’t a whole lot to do in the wintertime…especially if you aren’t one for snowboarding or skiing! I, as you have probably guessed, am one of the haters of the snow season! Of course, the snow can be beautiful to look at, and it can make everything look like a winter wonderland. But I have four turtles that are kept cooped up inside all day, obnoxiously scratching in their enclosures throughout 24/7. It SUCKS to not be able to take them outside into the sunlight and warmth.

As I sit here wide awake at 1AM, I wonder how I am ever going to make it through another winter. For those of you that are not in an area that snows, drivers all act like they are highly intoxicated! Seriously, there are multiple accidents after every single snow storm because people don’t realize that snow can become ice! It’s ridiculous. Anyways, I decided that starting a blog would be an easy way to give me something to do with my time and also enjoy the warmth of my house! Definitely killed two birds with one stone with that one!

This, of course, is my first blog post…and like I said, it’s 1AM. So bear with me as I try to get everything figured out and make it all make sense. Who knows…this may just become a new hobby!


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